Review Policy

All the reviews posted on this blog are honest, sincere and fit in with my mantra "Books Find You".  I am a firm believer that Life is too short for a bad book and thus prefer not to post reviews on books I didn't enjoy.

I am currently not taking any requests for reviews, with the exception of:
  • Publishers and/or Publicists that I have a standing professional relationship with
  • Authors I have worked with
  • Book Promotional Companies I have worked with before
  • My personal 'To Be Read' pile
  • The Classics Book Club I belong to
Contributors are often hosted on my blog and held to their own opinions and reviews (so outside reviews are welcome).  I won't post a review if I don't feel it fits It's a Book Thing. These reviews are credited to the contributor.

Some reviews are submitted to Women 24 Book Club Newsletter so please be aware of this.


I am not a picky reader or reviewer, but I tend to favour the following genres:
  • General Fiction
  • Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Suspense
  • Cookery Books
  • Autobiographies and Biographies
  • South African Fiction or Non-Fiction
  • Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Dystopia, Steampunk, Sci-Fi)
  • Young Adult (Speculative Fiction and Crime/Mystery)
  • Children's Picture Books

I DO NOT accept Romance, Children's Fiction aged (9-6 years) and Business Books.


I am a purist at heart and thrive on holding a book between my hands, but I do own a Kindle 3 Keyboard so if eBook formats are sent they need to be in the .mobi format.


I am an incredibly slow reader with a full-time job and full time degree.  Unless there has been a pre-determined timeframe discussed, reviews will be posted at my own discretion.

If you would like to send me a review request please see the details on my Contact Page or send me an e-mail at kelly[dot]ansara[at]gmail[dot]com or itsabookthing[at]gmail[dot]com

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