Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BLOG TOUR: Pen's Behaving Badly by Paige Nick

It is no secret I am Paige Nick's biggest fan, from her Sunday Times column; stalking her on twitter; reading her smutty choose-your-own-sex-adventure novels penned with Helen Moffat and Sarah Lotz (Helena S. Paige); and now it is with the greatest excitement to present Paige's collection of columns in one bountiful tome, Pen's Behaving Badly

Paige is best known for her weekly column in the Sunday Times Life & Style magazine. As one of the anchor columnists of the Life & Style section since 2011, she has produced hundreds of hilarious columns and received hundreds more hilarious responses. Pens Behaving Badly is a collection of the best of her columns and the best of the wild letters they’ve inspired. 

This is a great honour to host Paige's blog tour, I hope you enjoy the video, it's quite raunchers (hehe).

Follow Paige on twitter, and visit her on her blog.

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