Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Trailer: Touch by Claire North

Cover image (SA Edition)

I have never been the strongest fantasy fan, but after The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Claire North's first novel, which I have to admit (rather sheepishly) that I didn't really enjoy.  It seems North has taken a turn with her new novel, Touch. You have to see the trailer below to know what I mean.

Looks like a goodie...

Friday, February 20, 2015

I met Amanda 'F**king' Palmer

Working in the publishing industry gives you more perks than you can count on one hand - besides the facade of glamour, the free books, the access to books, the ability to talk books, sell them and constantly be around like-minded book lovers. 

So, you have to imagine my excitement when I was given the task to sub in or in layman's terms to 'sell' in Amanda Palmer's title The Art of Asking. (Subscribe, or in short Sub, is a jargon word in the industry meaning to get stores to take stock of a list of titles for a month). You can ask my boss, papers flew and there was a fair amount of screaming.

Amanda Palmer took JHB by storm, by doing what only Amanda Palmer could do, but just simply tweet and arrive - she rocked up, performed, did a signing at Exclusive Books Rosebank. THREE AND A HALF HOURS this woman captivated the audience and signed books. 

While I have an amazing video of Amanda Palmer reading the first chapter of her book, I thought the interview with Maria Popova, from Brain Pickings, was far more informative. (See it below).

So as the crowd gathers around the coffee counter, Amanda Palmer reads the first chapter of her book, The Art of Asking, gets fans to pick passages at random and reads them aloud, and when she has each audience member in the palm of her hand, she whips out a ukulele and stands on the coffee counter and sings The Ukulele Anthem.

Amanda Palmer on a coffee shop counter

Palmer is everything you expect her to be, artsy, ballsy, with a trait that catches every one's eye.  She talks, hugs, and takes photographs with every single fan. Truly awesome.

Bradley Lutz, Amanda Palmer, Me
Photo Credit: Talita van Graan
Then, if Amanda Palmer couldn't get any cooler look what she left fans, booksellers, coffee lovers, and all to gander on (I think this has to be the COOLEST thing I have ever seen an author do).

The signed coffee counter

And that is what happened when I met Amanda 'F**king' Palmer...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vlog #1: Book Rut Un-rutters

As the year speeds along, I needed new fresh inspiration for the year of blogging ahead. So, I get to share my very new project with you. A VLOG! 

While I realise it's new, probably badly edited, and a few things need to be changed - I am excited to see what you guys think.  Vlogs aren't the only thing I'll be adding and rejigging this year.  So stick around to find out.

In this month's vlog, I talk about book recommendations that are bound to get you out of any reading rut.  Check out the video below.

Please do let me know what you think of the video (thumbs up, comments, or even pop me an email).

Happy Reading

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