Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kelly gets a LAMY

Some people buy cars, houses or even shoes - for me, it's notebooks and pens. So imagine when the new LAMY Safari Neon Coral Pink pen arrived in such fashion at my office. It's packaging elegant, branded as if I was about to take a red Ferrari out on the town.

I first saw the elegant LAMY pen brand when it made it's way into Exclusive Books alongside those beautiful Moleskin notebooks that I covet so much.

Designed by Wolfgang Fabian, a qualified Goldsmith before studying Industrial Design, is an award-winning designer and heads up the Fabian Industrie-Design. He is responsible for designing the LAMY Agenda, Al-star, Logo, Pickup, Safari, Spirit, Swift, and the Tipo.

This gorgeous pen hosts a sturdy and smooth coral pink outer casing, with a steel nib, and uses the LAMY T 10 blue ink cartridge. You can find the specs of the LAMY Safari Neon (Coral Pink) here.

The entire LAMY range can be found at your nearest stationery store.


Cynthia said...

I am kind of a pen nerd so I love it. Haha :)

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