Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exclusive Books gets Wrapped Up this Festive Season

There seems to be no shame in sending out the Festive Season elves early; so before I left on two weeks leave, I was lucky enough to sit down with media heavy weights at the picturesque and hidden Burnside Cafe off Jan Smuts Avenue in bustling Johannesburg – while the rest of the world around us grafted to get the weekend to arrive quicker than usual we got the full insider scoop to Exclusive Books new festive season promotion which hit stores as our drinks were served.

It’s a big catalogue; one that is sure to intimidate the soft hearted but if you’re like me and spend hours pouring over promotion catalogues this could possibly be the best thing Exclusive Books could give me. Very different from their past Christmas Promotions, which sported a few of the publishers big heavy weights due to be published between October and December – while this catalogue hosts titles that could easily be relevant up until mid 2015; you have backlist classics, elegant French stationery and originally designed literary wrapping paper that is sure to get your knees weak.

The ‘Get Wrapped Up’ promotion leaves no book page unturned it seems forcing every Exclusive Books store to host a variety of backlist, frontlist and almost shouts the new branding which MD, Benjamin Trisk, says: “... is a call to the imagination which also trumpets our joy in books, our pleasure in service and the one extraordinary dimension that we offer our customers: the knowledge.”

The format and outlay is beautiful – intimidating, but beautiful. With the addition of coloured circles that allow this catalogue to become a one-stop interactive book lovers wishlist it hold eight book covers per page, a short bio, a catagorised image boasting its ‘new’, ‘bestseller’, or even ‘award-winner’ status, all filed under 19 genres from Afrikaans Fiction to Travel -  this is a book on its own – I really did need my glasses to find the ISBN though, but that’s because I work in publishing.  There are selections that could prove more extensive such as children’s and possibly business, but with the beautiful cloth bound classics section – it’s difficult to showcase every single book without losing the essence of what this means.

I am scared of this catalogue - I am scared for my wallet, that perhaps I may miss a gem, or even my mind trying to decide what I want for Christmas. But perhaps it’s time for Exclusive Books to show why they are a bookstore – to stomp and boast, because why not?

We hope that it may become a reference so that our customers will browse through it physically, or page through it online in six months’ time, and find something to read.” – Benjamin Trisk.


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