Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: The Three by Sarah Lotz

I am glad I missed the hype on this title. With the likes of The Guardian’s Alison Flood saying

It's reminiscent of Stephen King's Carrie and The Three comes preloaded with praise from the master of horror himself. It deserves it: this high-concept thriller is a blast; you’d be glad to. 

I find myself constantly disappointed with titles that are overly hyped, as if they are the favourite grandchild that never amounts to anything. 

You have never experienced local fiction if you don’t know Sarah Lotz, the bun fight for The Three commenced ringing bells and boxing matches, when home-grown capetonian Sarah Lotz took the big guns and was picked up by huge publisher Hodder & Stoughton. Oh, we beamed with pride – yup, especially us Lotz fans. She’s done the work, and by George this woman is talented.

So now you understand the hoohah this title made, the type that makes you delirious because you want it NOW! I waited patiently to delve deep into this story. And I was certainly paid for my efforts.

The format also proves interesting, set out as a non-fiction book compiled with interviews, emails, dictations, etc, as a journalists expose on Black Thursday, which branded the day of four airplane crashes that left only three survivors, all children. 

It’s creepy, detailed and thrilling. Yes, I am being cliché, but Lotz really knows how to string a reader along with various accounts, voices and methods that left no gap to wonder what was going to happen next. I was happily reading, slowly, instinctively and really enjoying it, until Lotz whipped out the big guns of creeps and took this story to the next level.

It truly is a great read, however, the ending left something to be desired, and perhaps that was intentional. Lotz leads her reader on a journey through a dark forest and then abandons them there as they finish her novel; as if she ended the story too early, that the thrilling 400 plus pages before it were a preface. 

You really do need to read this one...


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Sugar and Snark said...

This was a great book! I really enjoyed it. I quite liked the ending, there was something about it and it made for some great conversation and speculation with the book club :)

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