Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

Title: City of Dark Magic
Author: Magnus Flyte
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Penguin

There is a line in the author bio of this book: The Manuscript of the book you are about to read arrived in the mail one day at Penguin headquarters in New York with no cover letter. 

Now I know curiosity killed the cat, but my interest piqued immediately; having spent a good year behind a desk looking for a gem like this to sweep across my lap. So I promised life and limb to Exclusive Books who so generously pulled strings at Penguin Head office.

This is a stringer of a novel. It claims fantasy, from its jacket, eccentric plot line and mysterious author. The story starts out as every fantasy novel should, a prologue steeped in intrigue and a character that seems too naïve to be true.

We meet our protagonist Sarah Weston, a music student – specialty Beethoven. She is outstandingly intelligent, bimbo-style beautiful and has a heart-breaking past of a dead-parent and poverty. Sarah has climbed her way into the mind of her professor – intellectually, so clean your minds people.

Her dreams come true when she receives a golden-platter-offer to catalogue Beethoven’s manuscripts in Prague. A restoration project headed up by a wealthy family. Now the plot truly thickens, as Sarah finds out that her beloved professor has killed himself, and is his replacement.

Epic fantasy of proportions, the writing is light and somewhat easy. I even had it pinned as Young Adult; well that was until Sarah lures an unsuspecting male into a bathroom stall – and they weren’t just washing their hands, if you know what I mean.

Book 2: City of Lost Dreams by Magnus Flyte

That aside, this is a healthy read – it’s no Neil Gaiman, or Robert Jordan, and I have at least three fantasy novels that could slowly outdo this one, but I kept reading? So surely that means something. It is an easy, bite-size chuck to ease the reading slumps, set in Prague! So sit back and enjoy, and if you are salivating for more you can check out the next instalment City of Lost Dreams.

If you want to find out more about Magnus Flyte, you can on his website.


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