Monday, July 22, 2013

The Skinny Rules Book by Bob Harper

About the Book

Losing weight has never been so easy! With so many conflicting diets around, it's no wonder people find it hard to shed the pounds and keep them off. At last, here's a weight-loss plan that is clear, logical and easy - no gimmicks, no fads, just a no-nonsense way to get thin.
Bob Harper is a renowned fitness trainer and is the star of The Biggest Loser USA. Bob has used his vast knowledge of nutrition, weight-loss strategy and human nature to devise twenty simple principles that will enable you to step into a newly thin lifestyle. His rules are as easy as: Don't Drink Your Calories; Eat Protein at Every Meal and No Carbs After Lunch. Bob doesn't stop at just teaching you the rules, either.
He also shows you how to integrate them into your everyday life by supplying menu plans and 90 delicious, rule-abiding recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If that wasn't enough, there are also tips for what to stock in your fridge and meals you can prepare ahead in case you don't have time to cook during the week. With Bob as your coach and mentor, you can and will lose weight - whether you want to shed two pounds or two hundred. It's the sure fire way to a thin new you.

I have never been one for diets. Says the girl who spent most her adolescences fretting over a scale; having lost and laboured over 50 kilos in three years diets are a thing of the past and are now merely lifestyles that allow for the occasional treat and a good healthy workout. 

We all know Bob Harper, personal trainer and hotty of THE BIGGEST LOSER USA, so who can resist being told what to do by a man of this stature? The Skinny Rules Book is a diet book, I won’t lie. It tells you losing weight is good and healthy food is even better, but the secret behind the facade is that Bob Harper knows that living in a world of temptation and good food (too much good food; read fatty, high calorie food) is reality for some of us. So he puts you through a list of rules, guidelines more like, to help you condition your way to a healthy lifestyle and hopefully an even better scale reading.
Bob’s rules include:
Drink a large glass of water before every meal,
Don’t drink your calories,
and Eat a protein at every meal – or stay hungry and grouchy.

The rules are simple, easy to follow and are backed up with an extensive and tasty set of recipes. It’s a tricky one to review a diet book, especially since this is my first. And while I don’t condone limiting your food intake to barely half an apple, I’d have liked Bob to give some advice on training for weight loss, how to eat when gymming (and what to eat – because we all know those smoothies can’t be all that healthy), and what workouts burn the most fat/calories.  

 So while I wouldn’t say grab yourselves a copy of an eating meal, I would put this one forward for anyone interested in getting beach ready and healthy for summer.
About Author
Bob Harper is a world-renowned fitness trainer and star of The Biggest Loser USA. He has several bestselling fitness DVDs, his own line of supplements, an online fitness club and the inspirational book Are You Ready! to his credit. He still teaches a local spin class in Los Angeles, where he resides with his dog, Karl.
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Melinda @ The Book Musings said...

I *might* consider this one :)

Sarah Spitz said...

Great blog!
I'm wondering: Do book lovers necessarily have to be book collectors?
I tried to get rid of my books and failed miserably
What do you think?

Love from Germany,

Nancy W Forsyth said...

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