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A Girl Walks into a Bar... by Helena S. Paige, an Interview

Throw away your copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You, there are three new sassy authors in town.  The highly contested for and anticipated A Girl Walks into a Bar... by Helena S. Paige, launched this week.  I got the pleasure of interviewing these incredibly talented women.
About the Authors
Helena S. Paige is the pseudonym of three friends. Paige Nick is an award-winning advertising copywriter and novelist. She also has a weekly column in The Sunday Times, which covers everything from sex and dating to general lunacy. Helen Moffett wears many hats: freelance writer, poet, editor, activist and academic, who has lectured as far afield as Trinidad and Alaska. She is also a cricket writer and flamenco fan. Sarah Lotz is a screenwriter and novelist with a fondness for fake names. She writes urban horror novels under the name S.L. Grey with author Louis Greenberg, and a Young Adult series with her daughter, Savannah, under the pseudonym Lily Herne. 
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1. A Girl Walks into a Bar... series is sassy and original in format and plot, how did the concept fall into your lap?

Paige: The three of us went for a long lunch in November last year. After a couple of bottles of something or other, we got chatting about how much fun it would be to collaborate on something together. Sarah had the idea of a choose-your-own-ending erotic novel. And once the ball got rolling, we couldn't stop it.
Helen: That’s how I remember it too, although it was Paige who went straight home, wrote up all the notes, and gave the ball a good kick downhill…
2. Three of SA's talented women writers in one tome, how did you manage – busy schedules and all – to collaborate this project?

Paige: We met to discuss plot together and then did most of it over email, writing chunks and then passing them back and forth for ruthless commenting and rewriting.
Sarah: I am going to jump in here to say that Paige and Helen did the majority of the writing – it was a fabulous bonus to have a brilliant chick-lit author and world-class editor on the team. 
Helen: We’re very different, but we have one thing in common: we’re all major workaholics.


Danish Cover
3. The format of choose-your-own-ending is unique, why did you decide this was the way to go with A Girl?

Paige: It was the only way to go with A Girl.
Helen: We wanted to write something where the reader was in control. There is good erotica out there (and bad), but a lot of it feels like it's stuff being done to women, rather than women taking charge of their own sexual choices. And we wanted the woman – you, the reader – to be the one making things happen.  

4. How many of the scenarios were drawn from real-life situations?

Paige: Now that would be telling. But we do have a pact to delete each other's Google search histories in the event anything happens to any of us.
Helen: Ahem. Are you saying we don’t have vivid – very vivid – imaginations?

5. What percentage of your time was spent blushing than actually writing?

Paige: Our aim was to write non-cringe-making sex scenes for either the author or reader.
Sarah: This is far harder to do than it seems – many, many hours were spent discussing what to name various anatomical parts. We hope we've avoided the 'flowery lady garden' or 'throbbing manliness' euphemism trap. 
Helen: No one will believe this, but I wrote all my saucy bits without a single blush. It wasn’t until I started re-reading that my cheeks went scarlet.
US Cover
6. Writers usually talk about researching the content of their books; what research did you find yourselves doing?

Helen: I am way too much of a wuss to do any research. If I need to know something about vibrators or studded condoms, I ask Paige to look it up for me. The joys of co-authors. 
Paige: That's the beauty of writing as a threesome. We each have such unique voices and have each had such different life experiences, which means that a scene is always going to resonate with at least one of us. 
7. Lesbian threesome or a night in watching an Officer and a Gentleman?

Paige: Neither floats my boat.
Sarah: These days, it's more likely to be a night in watching Project Runway for me, while eating three chocolate bars.
Helen: Both sound SO eighties. I’d rather go and drink champagne at a book launch, preferably one involving poetry.
8. G-string or commando?
Paige: Underwear is situation-dependent. Nobody wears a g-string when they're going horse-riding, or goes commando in a skirt when it's windy.
Sarah: Can’t say I have a preference as I spend 90% of my life in front of my computer in my ancient PJs. That’s glamour for you. 
UK Cover
Helen: Sorry, I’m the Cotton Knicker Queen. I like comfort.
9.Vaseline or lubricant?
Helen: Everyone does know that Vaseline isn't good for latex, right? 
Paige: Latex, now we're talking.
Sarah: Note to self, do not Google latex, Vaseline and lubricant EVER AGAIN. 

10. Hot candle wax or a whip?

Sarah: Oh dear. Can I go with hot chocolate and whipped cream instead? 
Helen: Neither, unless someone wants a smack in the chops. 
About the Book

SA Cover

When your friend cancels on your girls' night out at the last moment, you suddenly find yourself all dressed up and alone at an exclusive bar.

What do you do now?

Will you spend the evening drinking tequila with a rock star? Or perhaps the suave and charming millionaire businessman is more your style? But the angelic young barman with a body made for sin has also caught your eye . . . Then there's the bodyguard who has the keys to his boss's sports car and is offering you a ride . . . Maybe you want to head home instead - to your sexy new neighbour.

Whichever way you decide to go, each twist and turn you make will lead to an unforgettable encounter. Can you choose the ultimate sensual experience? The power is entirely yours.
You can buy the eBook: Amazon | Exclusives | Kalahari


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