Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When Retail and Literature collide


So I have been in the book retail industry since 2004, an industry that many a booklover think is the best job in the world. If I had a rand for every time someone told me how jealous they are of me, and that I must love spending my working days reading I would at least be able to afford a bottle of cheap wine to drown my sorrows in.

The book retail industry nearly killed my passion for reading. Spending your days and nights selling books, talking about books, packing books, falling over books and pretending to like books really makes the thought of reading a book when you get home an unpleasant one.

I went from a two-books-a-week reader to a six-books-a-year reader. Yes, it is that bad. My book collection grew exponentially, but my have-read pile shrunk in size. It took me years to re-kindle my passion for reading again, helped by the fact that I left the direct-to-customer market and went in to the administrative part of retail.

Now I happily pick up a book on a weekend and I love it!
Happy Reading

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cat_hellisen said...

I wonder if there's a difference in working book retail at The Giants vs The Indies?

I feel like maybe with the big franchises more emphasis is placed on the bestseller lists and that's where some of the reading burnout comes from?

KJ Mulder said...

That's quite an interesting point you make. I've always thought working in a bookshop would be the ideal thing (except for spending your whole paycheck on your own purchases), but retail can kill the soul.

I think Cat might have a point though. In an Indie store you might have a much better and more intimate relationship with the customers which might prevent that burnout.

violininavoid said...

Why did you pretend to like books?

I worked at Exclusive Books for 3 years but never experienced anything similar. Then again it's a much shorter time, and I was part-time. Still, I'd like to go back to working in a bookshop, even though there were times it infuriated me. I actually miss being around books all the time. Oh, and the discount.

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