Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book related thingies that make my face happy


Today's post is short. Because it is Thursday and ain't nobody got time for reading too many words. Also, it is after Easter weekend and I still feel the aftereffects…

First off is Julian Smith's iconic "I'm reading a book". Cracks me up every time. Also, it is my ringtone.

Secondly, this website:, where people do amazing things to their bodies, like this:
This belongs to Niall J in Ireland.

Last but not least is this website, Spineless Classics, sent to me by none other than our dear Kelly.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland full text poster from
The awesome things like writing the whole of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on a single poster and form an image out of it.

I wants it, my precious!
Find Lood on the blog for the rest of the week in BLOG TAKE OVER
About Lood

I’m just another average book freak who happens to be able to think for himself. My views might or might not be controversial, they might or might not be insightful, but they are mine. I do not suggest you remotely agree with them, but I implore you to employ rationality when engaging in arguments. I value logic above intelligence, respect above passion. I urge you to converse with me, because through discourse we will all leave these encounters richer.
About the blog take over: I have with all my power and control-freak nature, given my blog up to Lood for an entire week - may he talk books and keep it clean.


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