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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

About the Book
They had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose
Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life — steady boyfriend, close family — who has never been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for ex– Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge life — big deals, extreme sports, worldwide travel — and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he is.

Will is acerbic, moody, bossy — but Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves, and soon his happiness means more to her than she expected. When she learns that Will has shocking plans of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still worth living.

A Love Story for this generation, Me Before You brings to life two people who couldn’t have less in common — a heartbreakingly romantic novel that asks, What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart?

Let me put it out there, before I completely convince you that I am not a fraud. As an avid Marian Keyes fan, I have never deviated from her comforting arm of chick-lit; she walked me through many a ‘girlish moment’ and made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry into a wine bottle. I scoffed at other chick-lit writers, PAH! None shall ever be as good as ole’Marian! NEVER! 

Boy, have I been proven wrong, a pip-slap-don’t-cheek-your-mother-wrong. Me Before You was a book that kept popping up in those bookish Facebook groups that I am apart of; so I HAD to get my hands on a copy (Thanks Jean at Penguin Books SA).

Lou is a 26, and someone who seems rather plain. She has worked at the same place, The Buttered Bun tea shop, for six years and has dated the same man for seven, only ever determined to OUT DO in terms of fashion. She seems comfortable, happy and settled. Until, The Buttered Bun closes and she loses her job, we’ve all hunted for jobs, and after a few failed attempts (and even considering a job offer of being an escort), Lou takes the job of carer to a quadriplegic man, named Will Traynor.

See, this is where I might start to gush, because Moyes hoists her characters on a pedal stool slaps them in paint, leaving you to do with them what you will. Will Traynor is grumpy, sarcastic and unbelievably-unhappy and with a flick of Jojo Moyes’s magic wand she turns his life upside down. When Lou finds out a secret that Will is determined to stick to, she makes it her mission to save Will – or at least show him what it’s really like to live, wheelchair or not.

I fear the group-chatterers did no justice for this book, which sent me into fitful giggles and hysterical cry in a matter of chapters. The characters are flawed, quirky and hold an esteem that Dickens could compare to. 

Moments when I’d disagree with Moyes in her situational creation of plot with an arching eyebrow, and a ‘Really, Jojo?’ (As if we were friends). I would sip my tea, and she’d answer me (as if this were a conversation between author and reader) with a sarcastic remark or lovable moment.

A story about love and learning to take life as it comes.

Grab this book NOW!

Laugh, cry and fall in love, this book will make you believe in books... 

If you haven’t already
About the Author
Jojo Moyes was born in 1969 and grew up in London. After a varied career including stints as a minicab controller, typer of braille statements for blind people for NatWest, and brochure writer for Club 18-30 she did a degree at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, London University. In 1992 She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to attend the postgraduate newspaper journalism course at City University, and apart from 1994 when she worked in Hong Kong for the Sunday Morning Post, she worked at The Independent for ten years, including stints as Assistant news editor and Arts and Media Correspondent.

She has been a full time novelist since 2002, when her first book, Sheltering Rain was published. She lives on a farm in Essex with her husband, journalist Charles Arthur, and their three children.
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Paydirt said...

Loved this book-just finished -laughed and cried my husband thought I'd lost it. Hopefully the movie will do it justice. I read somewhere that Jojo thought Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender would be good. I'd agree but might be awkward after Shame.

Scribby said...

I've just picked up this book, 20 odd pages down the and it already looks promising and your review tops it up :)

Will come back and tell you how I liked it! Nice review

Unknown said...

Heartbreak collides with humor in Me Before You. A big-hearted, beautifully written story that teaches us it is never too late to truly start living.

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