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Author's Pie: Fiona Snyckers

It's been a rather quiet kitchen these past few months, as the world of book settles in the shelves and the kitchen ovens fire up.  Welcome back to Author's Pie - I am so excited to introduce a Stalwart of local fiction writing, Fiona Snyckers; Author, Journalist, Mother, and Twitteratti.
So sit back, grab your tea and enjoy...

1) Which of your favourite books do you wish you had written, or wish you'd live up to?
I wish I’d written the ‘Lucia’ series by E.F. Benson and ‘Red Sky at Morning’ by Richard Bradford. The ‘Lucia’ books are my idea of the perfect series, featuring a strong, flawed and hilarious woman protagonist. I have read them over and over again and never get tired of visiting Lucia’s world. For me, ‘Red Sky at Morning’ is the ultimate coming-of-age novel. It is intelligent, sensitive, funny and full of heart. If I could write a book half as good and memorable as that, it would be a wonderful legacy to leave.

2) How did you come up with Trinity Luhabe?
Trinity sprang into my mind fully-formed one day. I was imagining what my life at university would have been like if I’d been a completely different person – someone frivolous, light-hearted and bent on having fun, rather than the more serious academic type that I really was. I have also always been intrigued by what it must be like to be part of the privileged, born-free generation. How would you go through the normal adolescent process of rejecting your legacy before being able to embrace it again?

3) Why don't you like coffee?
It bothers me that I don’t like coffee. I feel as though I’m missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. I’ve tried so hard to like it – from a frothy, sweetened caramel macchiato, to a bitter double espresso, and everything in between. But it all still tastes like wet dog to me. Now tea, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely. I can’t live without tea.

4) What is the one quirk you have when writing?
I have to take off my rings and my watch while I’m writing. I can’t bear to write with anything on my hands. I didn’t even realise this was a quirk until I was taking part in the Short Story Day Chain Gang Challenge last year. I was sitting around a table with some other authors. One of my fellow writers watched me carefully removing my watch and rings before I could start typing, and pointed out that this was not entirely normal!

5) In your opinion, what is next for local fiction?
I believe that local fiction is going to go from strength to strength, not only in South Africa, but all over the world. Some of the most major book deals struck in the last year have involved South African authors. The international publishing community is starting to get the message that we’re a hot commodity. A few years ago, the fiction-reading world couldn’t get enough of Irish writers. Now it’s our turn.

Fiona's Books

Trinity Rising

Trinity Luhabe is so OVER the whole Robben Island thing. Sure, her dad was one of the last activists to be imprisoned there, but he’s now a billionaire mining magnate. We all have to move on, right?
And Trinity is moving on with a vengeance. She’s just passed Matric at an exclusive private school, and is all set to take Rhodes University by storm. She’s got the looks. She’s got the brains (sort of). She’s a girl with a plan. Okay, it’s not a plan she’s prepared to share with just anyone – especially not her feminist, do-gooder mother.
Delightfully ditzy, but with an inner core of strength, Trinity parties her way through life. That is, until she discovers that life bites back. And then there’s her arch-enemy – the deliciously wicked Sophie Agincourt, who definitely has something evil up her sleeve.
Will Sandton’s favourite daughter ever find true love, straighten out her priorities, and make it to lectures on time? Or will her career be over before it’s begun?
Find out as you follow her along the path of self-discovery and eBay handbags in the first book of the beguiling "Trinity Luhabe" series.

Trinity on Air

Following the popular success and critical acclaim of her first novel, Fiona Snyckers is back with the second book in the beguiling Trinity Luhabe series. The much-anticipated sequel to Trinity Rising picks up the story four years on, when Trinity is 23 and living in Johannesburg.

Trinity On Air is packed with all the charm and humour readers have come to expect from Fiona Snyckers – with just an added pinch of danger.

With her university days behind her, life couldn’t be better for Trinity Luhabe. She’s got everything a Sandton girl needs:

The Perfect Boyfriend: Ethan brings her (fat-free) breakfast in bed and takes her to craft markets on weekends.

The Perfect Job: Working at Jozi Talks radio is a dream come true for Trinity. She’s still only on the traffic desk, but one day she’ll be reading the news… just as soon as she can convince her boss that “15 Hot Hairstyles For Summer” is a serious news story.

The Neighbour: Ajala is six foot five inches of mysterious Nigerian. Trinity thinks he’s a pussycat. Her best friend Steph thinks he’s a man-eating tiger. Looking into his business dealings could be Trinity’s ticket off the traffic desk and onto hard news.

The Ex: An old flame from university days is back … and hotter than ever. He’s threatening to turn Trinity’s comfortable life upside down.

Join Trinity Luhabe for the ride of her life as all the elements in her perfect world collide.

Fiona is published by Jonathan Ball Publishers

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