Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Reading titbits

So as I stifle a yawn, as I reach day three of week two of my working career – yes, I am full on Christmas sleep-ins and endless sun escapades. I have been unsure what to post as blog #1 for 2013... Should I ramble (as I am doing now) and talk about something funny my quirky family said or did, during our Christmas lunch. Or should I merely talk about books that I read? It became all too much for me and the saviour that is Lauren Smith over at Violin in a Void suggested I create a list of resolutions, but everyone has resolutions – I am going to throw a chilli in it (as I do with every meal) and give you a list of all the book crimes I committed in 2012; the ones I’ll try not to commit this year so hold off the book police.


Reading in the Bath
I hated reading in the bath. I hated the way it turned the pages of a book to mush and may heavens help you if you dropped the book. Last year, either delirious of exhaustion and probably pills, I took a book and bottle of wine to the bath with me. I sat, sipped and sunk in. God, best hour of my life and that includes the time I discovered that Astros and Popcorn tasted amazing together.

Holding on to books
I have a nasty habit of not letting go, regardless of subject. I tend to horde, hide and haunt books all around my room, knowing full well that I won’t give them the time of day. It’s a horrible, despicable habit that I vow to demolish in 2013 – and not because my shelves are beginning to buckle, but because there are far more readers who’d salivate at the thought of reading a book I wouldn’t even pick up. So may 2013 bring on book swaps, book sales and book donations. If you have any charities in mind leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch.

Not reviewing ALL the books I read
I am guilty as any other book blogger. Reading becomes a job when you post book reviews, and I do love posting reviews, I do want to give you a FULL perspective of all the books I read. Isn’t that how we start a conversation?

Being too nice to books
I believe an author poured their souls out on to a page and a publisher took the time, money and resources to give us, the reader, that gift, but not all gifts are gifts for me? I still believe that reviewing books that you don’t like isn’t moral, because why would you keep reading books you don’t like? I do want to give my reviews a more OVERALL sense of who they’ll attract.

I never say where I review
I don’t like a punt, but I do think that you need to know where I am reviewing – so expect more!

Being afraid of series books
I am petrified or more intimidated by series books. Books that whined on forever and day and poof the author decides ‘No more!’ and I am stuck five books in with no ending. This scares me and puts me off most great reads, so I miss out on great EPICs!

Reading only three classics
I only read three classics last year. Shocking! I vow to TRY and read one classic a month. *realises what she has just promised*

Get author’s to review
I want to know what author’s think... so maybe I need to get some author’s to review... *wonder who*

I have always been an over achiever, but I don’t want to bury myself in unkept promises. So I’ll stop there. Please do give me a prod every now and then if I have fallen off the wagon.

Until then, comment, follow and read!



Anonymous said...

I've tried to initiate book swaps on my blog, but it didn't quite take off (perhaps because books aren't the main focus of my blog and it goes missing among the other stuff).
I have decided a long time ago to donate/sell/swap books I've read and have no desire to keep for a reread, mostly because my space is limited.

I still haven't gotten around to moving the box of books earmarked for disposal, so if you want to combine efforts, that would be great.

(I've also stopped reading books that don't appeal to me within the first few chapters.)

Bookaholic 007 said...

I've never read in the bath before, I think one day I shall have to try that! Good luck with all your 2013 goals! :D

KJ Mulder said...

Reading in the bath?! That's a crime against all that is bookish. Shame on you. ;P

In all seriousness I wish you good luck. Some of those are things I'd never have the guts to attempt, especially the 'review ALL books' one.

Sugar and Snark said...

Lol I read in the bath every single night! No harm has befallen any books :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad I could help :)

I read in the bath sometimes, but I don't understand the appeal. I'd rather take my wine and lounge on the couch or relax in the sun with a cold drink.

I have to admit, I'd fail at almost all your resolutions! I have about one 'leisure' read per month, because I need a break where I can just read without taking review notes. Unless I read and hated a book, I cling to it like Gollum to the Ring. I'm happy to write bad reviews if I think the book deserves it (although, I agree it's unfair to give bad reviews to the kinds of books you hate reading anyway). I almost never finish series. And classics - meh. If I read them, great; if I don't that's fine too. Although I would like to get into the sci fi classics...

I like your idea for author reviews; will keep an eye out! Good luck with your resolutions and have a great 2013!

It's a Book Thing said...

@ syllableinthecity - I'll def be in touch. Tamarin (at I Want a Dodo) is also looking for book swaps - her book drop might also be an option. Check it out.

@ Bookaholic 007 - It's super relaxing...

@ KJ Mulder - Don't judge, ya'll... hahaha

@ Sugar and Snark - I know, for normal people yes. But for someone clumsy like me... well there have been casualties!

@ violininavoid - I might also just give up. I do need to work on all rounder reviews. As for the leisure read, that might work! Thanks again for the inspiration!!!

Love you all - Kelly

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