Monday, November 12, 2012

Exclusive Books Gives Back

Photo by Shaun Marais - the piles of gingerbread men, waiting to be iced
Every corporate should be giving something back at this time of year,” said Angela Ridge, Marketing Manager at Exclusive Books. “It was a wonderful social activity at our event and just spending a few hours doing something fun for these kids made the day even more worthwhile.”
Photos by Shaun Marais - icing gingerbread men
There is something about Christmas cheer that makes me want to give, and not just to family members, the world.  So jokes in this post, because it is serious - we live in a country where most kids don't get the joy and spirit that December 25th brings with it.  I was fortunate to have the big family and the loud cheer on Christmas, which is why I feel this post is really important.
Last week, I posted about the Exclusive Books Wishlist event, assuming you'd all head out and purchase gifts with your gold credit cards and didn't think once to mention the Gingerbread Men Project
As the entire publishing world gathered to enjoy books and hit off the Christmas Season, Exclusive Books put together a 'decoration' area, where guests (booksellers, media and publishers alike) could decorate as many Gingerbread Men as they wanted.  However, instructed by our Emcee Bruce Dennill that we were only allowed to take ONE Gingerbread Man home 'Or You'll go to Hell!' *unquote* because they were going to a children's home.
Photo by Shaun Marais - the gangs icing away
As we flaunted our icing skills the Gingerbread men bulked up in quantity, all for Ikholwe Children’s Home in Roodepoort - Ikholwe means, hope for our children.

These sugar fondant delights were set to dry, packaged and delivered by Exclusive Books.  See more books on the Exclusive Books Wishlist.

Exclusive Books is now wanting to give to you dear reader.  We have vouchers up for grabs - all you have to do is fill in the form below and follow @exclusivescoza; competition ends 16 November 2012.  Good Luck!

Note this Giveaway is now closed


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