Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exclusive Books The Wishlist 2012

If you are anything like me, as the Christmas season descends upon, the idea of gifts is enough to have you breaking out in a sweat and divvying out your salary.  Coming from a big family where book vouchers and shopping vouchers have lost their edge of excitement, but this year I have out-thunked my family yet again. 
Exclusive Books launches THE LIST every year at Christmas time, a MUST HAVE GIFT GUIDE that showcases the best of the proverbial best that publishers have to offer.  While every year has focused more on books ranging from fiction to children's to valued buys - anything that could satisfy a hardcore reader to a reader who just likes pictures. 
Sarel Loots
Held at the gorgeous Good Food Studio, cooking demonstration from Masterchef contestant Sarel van Sabie and guest speaker Xolela Mangcu author of Biko – A Biography, and we got to make gingerbread men!
This year, Exclusive Books is playing Santa by creating a go-to-guide for everything you need for whichever reader you are; from games, to books, to stationery this list has it all.
Usually I'd list the books but that loses the fun of it all (plus, the list itself is more than 50 items - stop salivating!).  So I'll just leave you with my three picks - thanks Exclusive Books...
and remember, you are never too old to ask for what you want! 


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