Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Confessions of a Book Whore: Dear Exclusive Books

Dear Exclusive Books Warehouse Sale,

I trust this blog post finds you well? In the midst of your Warehouse Sale, unpacking boxes and piling books like Santa’s elves – I imagine it with gruelling anguish and glitter (lots and lots of glitter).

However, I have a bone to pick with you ...  

I am a book whore at heart and am a sucker for a sale – be it shoes I can’t wear or pants that are too small. So when your sales roll around I am first one at the door wielding my credit card like a flaming baton – knowing that it is food or books, need I tell you the choice – and an ambulance at the ready (in case of hyperventilation).

So now for this bone I am picking, I have no shelf space left. See my issue – the juxtaposition of a sale monger and no space (and funds, but thank the gods for overdraft). I’ll be let loose; a hungry lion on a gazelle (Note: I see it as a misty graceful leap and skip rather than the rabid wheezing and clawing that will actually happen). A pile of books the victim in all of this (and never mind the unsuspecting mother of three holding the ONLY Winnie Pooh collector’s item that I don’t have).

What am I to do? So I have stolen myself from the hype and am heading on holiday, long endless days of sun and relaxation while customers pry through the books before I do. I am in a pickle!

If you read my previous experiences taking on the Warehouse Sale (I warn you now that this is PG), you’ll know that no book comes out alive (or a bank statement). Mark my words Exclusive Books, I’ll be at the Warehouse Sale and I’ll get my books; I’ll make this promise in blood if I must.

But in the meantime, reader, see here for more details on the When, Where and What of the Warehouse Sale – and should you see a Winnie the Pooh collector’s item, leave it be!



Bookaholic 007 said...

I totally agree with out! I would be there as soon as the sale opens! Unfortunately I don't live in Gauteng so I can't attend :(

thebookfairyhaven said...

Aah yes love. This is the problem all of us bookish folk have with book sales. My wallet hates me. :D

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