Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Confessions of a Book Whore: Get Stuck In with Exclusives Online Stickers

When I think Stickers, I think furries, shinies and glowies – yup the terminology of a Grade 0 to Grade 5’s vocabulary that shows the expertise of trading and buying stickers on the playground.  

But now my playground has changed and I fear that my colleagues would cast me aside for ‘mad’ if I ever offer my sticker book for trading to them. So bravest be Exclusive Books online to create, what the world is calling Social Bookselling, a really cool programme called STICKERS.

We all know that I have made my dent in the stickers programme – loyal as loyal can be, I was set free in a jungle where I could rate books (Easy hey?), earn smileys (Yeah, challenge) and in turn for so many smileys earned I get discounts (There is a GOD!).

The way of online bookselling and empowering the customer is upon us, so watch this video on how to STICKER your way to greatness (or awesome discounts).

The first of its bookselling kind compared to the grumpy-overtired-booksellers that you are greeted with when approaching the counter (What? I have been one of them!) This is a breeze! I can conveniently share the books link and my review link all in one tweet and poof – like Harry Potter descended upon my computer and declared Winguardium Leviousaaaa – I have 5 smileys. Oh but because Exclus1ves online is that proverbial rich aunt, they extend the courtesy of giving Fanatics members more smileys for their rating and sharing.

Its revolutionary people!


Lood du Plessis, Deputy Loyalty Manager at Exclusive Books, said:

Stickers put’s a customer in control of the specials they see online. I have noticed two types of people who enjoy Stickers. In my mind I call them “hoarders” and “sharers”. Hoarders (like me) earn smileys ad nauseum and build up a collection of personal discount stickers. The Sharers, on the other hand, get a group of friends together to trigger the 24h public discounts.

Stickers gives users the chance to familiarise themselves with the website, whether or not they purchase from it on a regular basis. It also ensures that more people become aware of special offers because of the frequency that they visit the website.

Personal Discount Sticker
So with all the excitement, I do have to sit back and see how this impacts the online shopper – oh who are we kidding, increased online activity is becoming a reality for pestle and mortar bookstores. If you are me you roam bookstores for the fun of it, and because this is a confession, but for convenience make purchases online.  

So not only are they ‘paying me in smileys’ to rate, share and sticker books that I love, but are you going to give me that raised eyebrow at my childish whims of stickers? STICKERS IS FUN, like your first time at Gold Reef City; let loose on any ride your thrill-seeking self sets it eyes on

Great – Exclusives Online have achieved the online version of Fanatics for the end user (Cue Applause!). But, oh it’s a very small ‘but’, how are online media going to harness this piece of paradise? “Come on EB, give us HTML widgets and coding so we can showcase our stickered books”, she calls from the protest outside the Head Office.

5 Star Rating Sticker

But for now, you can check out the T&Cs on Stickers here, and don’t forget to sticker some books while you’re there!


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