Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Confessions of Book Whore: When Life Gives you Books ...

Have you ever heard the saying “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” – Oh wait, you must have. If you haven’t, then crawl out that hole you have been sitting in and slap the person that has kept you hostage (unless you are there on your own accord, then slap yourself).

My own little proverb of “When life gives you books, read them” – Easier said than done.

What to read next? The question that plagues my very existence; holds me ransom, fear-stricken and wide-eyed standing like a pauper before my bookshelf. What next? WHAT DO I READ NEXT? Is there a book God that can advise or simply slap me over the head with a book and boom in a God-like voice “Here Mortal, read this!” and heaven forbid it would be something like Fifty Shades of Grey (Ok, ok! Sheesh! Just saying!). 

I don’t have a method/reason for picking a ‘next read’. I find myself yawning at the book. “It’s not you, it’s me book”, I whisper and I tentatively place it back on the shelf, skulking away. It’s a horrible feeling not knowing what comes next? What journey will fill my life for a week? Which new friends will greet me when I open the cover? 


I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Books Find Us. However, I can’t wait for every book to tap me on the shoulder and yell “Boo! Read me!”, not only my heart not take it but I am more inclined to a rather bitchy reply of “No, Shew with you beast!”

SO I asked the Masses, How do they choose their next read?

These are the answers:
Andrea Nattrass, Publisher – Sadly it's often whatever is next on my "To do" list. That plus whatever book there is local or international buzz about...

Tamarin du Toit, Blogger – Lost book club, rummaging through previous purchases, recommendations. New books usually trump all others though...

Shubnum Khan, Author – I usually try for 1 local & 1 other author a month. God of Small things, my ultimate read :)

Exclusive Books, Retail Chain – Combination of recommendations and whimsy :)

Tammy February, Blogger and Online Book Editor – I choose mine by mostly rotating between the various publishers. I like to give exposure to everyone who sends me books. When I don't go via publisher route, I choose books based on my mood!

Tarryn Talbot, Children’s Publicist – Eenie, Meeney, Miney, Moe...

Lood du Plessis, Fanatics Manager – It's easy. It's a combination of jacket image, title, concept, hype, recommendation and proximity to me when I want to start reading.

Paige Nick, Author – yeah I do the one local, one international author too, or whatever grabs my fancy at the time, but the to-read pile never gets smaller.

It seems that a more calculated process gets taken into mind when choosing the next read. A mathematical process of:

Recommendation + Look and Feel + Author + Region/Proximity = Next read

But can we seriously, honestly and comfortably make reading mathematical? That’s what I love about a book, it’s so forgiving about how you choose it, read it, hate it, love it or even give it away. So how ever you choose a book, if you finish it that is the true test of how it chose you (or the other way around).


Anonymous said...

Great post Kelly!

I'm hopelessly indecisive, so it's a good thing that my reading is organised by my commitments, otherwise I'd probably only read about half the number of books I manage to finish these days.

As a blogger, my next read is usually decided by my review schedule - I pick up whatever is being published next, or I try and read something from my backlog.

I also sign up for way, way too many reading challenges in the South African Book Lovers group on Goodreads, and that answers the rest of my "What to read next" questions.

Since I started using NetGalley and getting review copies from publishers and authors, I almost never have the chance to just stare at my shelf thinking "What next?", but in many ways, that's a good thing :)

Sarah said...

I pick my book by looking at my must read list for the month, and by how I'm feeling right then. I have been known to just sit and stare at my book stack as I try to decide. Or open my ereader and just browse the covers until I find one to start.

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