Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sarah House by Ifeanyi Ajaegbo

About the Book

Nita wakes up one night to discover herself in a dark world very different from the life of opportunities promised to her by Slim, the man she loved and trusted to take her away from the small island town of Opobo, Nigeria. Soon she realises she is a slave, bought and sold without her consent and forced into a life of prostitution and sleazy strip clubs.

Every day Nita walks a tightrope of survival surrounded by vicious pimps and thugs. She meets Tega, a fellow slave lured into prostitution by Slim; she is sold to Madam, who runs Sarah House and makes money from young girls and children; she finds favour with Chief, an influential politician who provides protection for Madam's illicit business in human trafficking, and she must survive Lothar, a renegade porn film maker. Life in this nightmare world gets more complicated when Nita meets pretty, young Damka and is approached by a police detective working undercover.

When Damka disappears and Nita discovers the child's bloodied clothes in a room in Sarah House, she knows she has to work with the police in spite of the dangers to her own life.


There is always one book that claws its way deep into your heart. You sit back and wonder “Why this book?”

Ifeanyi Ajaegbo is an award winning Nigerian author; winning the 2005 African Region Prize for the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. His debut full length novel Sarah House was found in the trenches of the slush pile (The ever growing pile of unsolicited manuscripts that can be found on any publisher’s desk).  

The poignant writing of this new talent, that is sure to win many a prize, grips you by the throat and thrusts hauntingly descriptive fear into you, the reader. Nita’s story is not the happy tale of a young woman freed from prostitution that we have become used to. This story doesn’t leave you wanting to pump your fist in the air and know that humanity will overcome its battles.

Nita is kidnapped by a “so-called” boyfriend and marched soldier-like into the world of prostitution, strip-clubs and an illicit porn syndicate. Forced to sleep with men and sold like an animal, she comes to work for Madam – The owner of the brothel Sarah House. It isn’t until Nita young Damka, a girl living in the orphanage attached to Sarah House, does she begin to see some light (if that is even possible in Nita’s position). Nita discovers Damka’s bloodied clothes one day and soon realises the true use of Sarah House.

A story told in innocence, descriptive flair and a world so dark you stare wide-eyed at the ceiling wishing what you are reading is truly fiction!


About the Author 

IFEANYI AJAEGBO is a development consultant and communications practitioner who lives and works in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His writing has won several awards and fellowships, including the 2005 African Regional prize for the Commonwealth Short Story competition. Sarah House is his first novel.

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