Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Club of Classics I Have Never Read

It is one of those dinners.  You know the type where the wine flows faster than the river Jordan and you have suddenly joined a See-Food (Where you see food and eat it) diet between the first and second course.  You gorge yourself on wine and all things delicious.  One person announces "The Great Gatsby was my favourite book!", random and unexpected!  Other guests just sit stunned.  One person says nonchalantly "I haven't read it" and takes a sip of wine as the other book lovers stare on in unhidden horror. "Wait!" one person starts the question not believing the sudden proclamation, "You have NEVER read The Great Gatsby?".  The table conversation lulls and it's like old friends have suddenly become strangers.

Melissa, a dear friend of mine, and I sat across a table from each other having this exact conversation.  EXCEPT there was more wine, more pizza and our speech slightly more slurred than above.  I took up my glass of wine and said, "Well you have to read it.  I challenge you! I'll read one classic I have never read".  She gave me this look, like a plan was hatching and I could almost hear Brain saying to Pinky "Tonight we take over the WORLD!!!!". 

So that's how this was born.  Every two months we gather huddled in a cosy, quaint coffee shop and devour cake and books.  The First meeting took place in the decadent coffee shop (Pit Stop) at Love Books where we quickly decided to ease (yeah right!) into Jane Austen.  The Second meeting was held at The Contessa's Tea Shop, saw growth from 4 members to the rowdy 9 who scrambled to voice opinions, commented on the cake and cooed at books they loved!  Our new theme Classic Adventure (excluding, fantasy and children's books).

SO ...

I have created a page on the blog dedicated to the The Book Club of Classics I Have Never Read here.  Feel free to join us (fill in the form so we can send details to you.) if you are based in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

So till the next book club, Happy Adverturing!!!



Hey does the club still exist?

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