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Author's Pie: Paige Nick

Welcome to another piping hot edition of author’s pie.  

A chance for you to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to local authors: the segment that allows us to showcase fabulous local writers, their books and all things deliciously book.

First up in the oven is Paige Nick, a copywriter, Sunday Times columnist, blogger and author of two novels, A Million Miles from Normal and This Way Up. You can find Paige on her blog A Million Miles From Normal or on Twitter.

Now for the best part of the pie...

A big thank you to Paige for doing this interview

1. Which of your heroines are you most like; Stella or Rachel?
I’m definitely more like Rachel from A Million Miles from Normal. Stella from This Way Up, has a bit of a stick up her bum. Although I’d much rather have Stella’s job than Rachel’s job.

2. What would your Agony Aunt name be?
I’m tempted to go really naff with something like Aunty Dora, just for a laugh, but then I doubt anyone would actually write in. Maybe Aunty Aggie? It’s ugly, but descriptive.

3. What is the BEST & WORST dating site name you have come across?
There are a lot more worsts than bests unfortunately. For me, the worsts are the ones who don’t try very hard and just use their names, or when they think they’re being clever, like ‘Mr69’, or ‘Mr Right’, when in fact they’re just being douche bags. I also think spelling mistakes in your name are a huge turn off, like ‘You’re Man’. If you can’t even spell your own name right we may be getting off to a bad start. 
The best ones are when they’ve thought about it a little and maybe even personalised it. There’s so much you can say about yourself with a clever name. ‘Mr Darcy’ for example, if you read between the lines, shows that he’s smart and into literature (unless your real name is actually Mr Darcy, then not so much).

4. What is your favourite thing about writing?
I think it’s the escape, being able to disappear into words for hours. Those rare times when the words just fall out of your head effortlessly, there’s no feeling in the world quite like it.

5. If you were in a bookshop during a fire, which 3 books would you risk your life to save?
Can’t we save all of them? No? Dammit! Alright, I suppose I would try to save Long Walk to Freedom, because it’s the kind of book you can read over and over. And anything by my favourite author, Jim Crace, every time someone doesn’t read one of his books, a kitten dies, I’m sure of it.

Paige's Books

Stella du Preez has the perfect life. Well almost. She is married to a great man. She has a great, supportive family. She lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Her friends are the best.
But - well, her job isn't great. As the sex column agony aunt, Dr Dee, she has to deal with an almost unending slew of queries about the ickiest of things when all she really wants is to be taken seriously as a journalist.
Then, just when it seems like things can't get worse on the work front, Stella's dream job - of features writer - is given to the all-too-likeable Thandi. Upset and disappointed, Stella calls Max to tell him what has happened, but instead she tells a small untruth - a little white lie - that slowly but surely unravels her whole perfect world.

All Rachel Marcus wants is a cool job, a guy who has all his own teeth and a decent cup of tea. Is that too much to ask? Rachel Marcus has a great life and an amazing job as a top copywriter at an advertising agency in Johannesburg, or rather Rachel Marcus HAD a great life and an amazing job as a top copywriter at an advertising agency in Johannesburg -- right up until she got fired.
Forced to sell everything she owns and leave Joburg in a hurry, Rachel decides to move to New York City, where she plans to make a fabulous life for herself and prove to everyone back home that she's not a complete disaster. Except the only job she can find is at a crap ad agency, with a hippie freak for a boss and an alcoholic drug addict for an art director. The only apartment she can afford is the world's smallest cockroach-infested rat trap. And all the men she meets are stalkers, ex cons and whack jobs. In fact, the only upside to her new life is her new best friend -- her frustratingly petite neighbour, Sue.

Will Rachel Marcus ever get it together or is she destined to spend the rest of her life working on ads for sanitary pads, trawling Internet dating sites and dreaming of that elusive cup of Five Roses? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, living in the Big Apple will change Rachel's life forever.

Published by Penguin South Africa and all her books are available from Exclusive Books


Kerry said...

Great post! I am Paiges biggest fan - absolutely lover both her books and writing style! Can't WAIT for a new book from her.

It's a Book Thing said...

Hello Kerry, I'll be brash and say that if Paige doesn't write a new book soon I may have to head down to Cape Town and shake her shoulders and then sinking into a weeping mess. I do so love her. I hope you enjoyed the 'Author's Pie' and feel free to check out Paige's Blog!


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