Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exclusive Books HomeBru Promotion

Every year Exclusive Books runs a promotion called HOMEBRU.  It is a Proudly South African list of books and writers, selected by store managers during May through to June (1 May to 27 June 2012). This promotion is a celebbration of everything local; authors and writing - something I tend to overlook as a reader: Local Talent.
'Homebru is about holding a mirror up to the SA publishing scene and this year is no different. The Homebru titles capture the deep and wide range of topics which captures the diversity and polarity of South Africa beautifully' says Rene Brophy, Marketing and Publicity Manager for Exclusive Books

There are 28 books on the Homebru list which represent 28 unique perspectives of South Africa including a strong representation of Afrikaans titles, is what it says in the Press Release.  I have to agree.  As an ex-Exclusive Books Bookseller, I have seen such great titles on this promotion.  How could I not share these local reads with you ...

I have listed all 28 titles below. 
Note all these titles are available from your nearest Exclusive Books or Online at

The Institute for Taxi Poetry by Imraan Coovadia
Where's The Chicken? Making South Africa Safe by John Cartwright and Clifford Shearing
Trekking On by Deneys Reitz
The Unlikely Genius of Dr Cuthbert Kambazuma by Chris Wadman
Year of the Gherkin by John Dobson
The Reunion by Joanne Fedler

Endgame - Secret Talks and the End Of Apartheid by Willie Esterhuyse
Eindstryd - Geheime Gesprekke En Die Einde Van Apartheid by Willie Esterhuyse
Briewe Aan My Kinders - Twiets Wat Jou Laat Dink by Jonathan Jansen
Letters to My Children by Jonathan Jansen
The Long Way Home by Dana Snyman
Hiervandaan by Dana Snyman

Eye on the Diamonds by Terry Crawford-Browne
The Last Rhinos by Lawrence Anthony & Graham Spence
No Time Like The Present by Nadine Gordimer
Nuus by Riaan Cruywagen
Rodriguez by Piet Van Rooyen
Die Staat Teen Anna Bruwer by Anchien Troskie

 Supervan & I by Sarel Van Der Merwe With Steve Smith
Dust Devils by Roger Smith
Lolly Jackson: When Fantasy Becomes Reality by Sean Newman
Invisible Furies by Michiel Heyns
Eight Days in September by Frank Chikane
Stoffel Op Safari by Christiaan Bakkes

Bitten by Sarah Graham
A Week in the Kitchen by Karen Dudley
Boereoorlogstories 2 by Jeanette Ferreira
Nicky & Lou by Nataniël

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