Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

About the Book

What would you do if an old friend needed you, but it meant turning your new life upside down? Pen, Will, and Cat met during the first week of their first year of college and struck up a remarkable friendship, one that sustained them and shaped them for years – until it ended abruptly, and they went their separate ways. Now, six years later, Pen is the single mother of a five-year-old girl, living with her older brother in Philadelphia and trying to make peace with the sudden death of her father. Even though she feels deserted by Will and Cat, she has never stopped wanting them back in her life, so when she receives an email from a desperate-sounding Cat asking her to meet her at their upcoming college reunion, Pen goes. What happens there sends past and present colliding and sends Pen and her friends on a journey across the world, a journey that will change everything.

Thanks to Andrea, Claire and Anika from Jonathan Ball for the review copy


When I get asked who is my favourite author the first one to pop into my head is Marisa de los Santos, the sound of her name wraps me up in a hug and hands me a freshly baked cupcake.

It seems all the BIG events in my life have been surrounded by one of her books.  Love Walked In taught me to love a book in its pure form; Belong to Me, held me ransom to the people I surrounded myself with; and Falling Together, came to me at a time when old friends came flooding back into my life.

A story of Pen, Cat and Will; three best friends who vow to go their separate ways because juggling the unbreakable bond of friends and living a life where distance might sever ties.   It isn’t until Pen, now a single mother, and Will, a famous children’s author, receive a mystic email from Cat that sends them flocking to the College reunion to find out what is wrong.  It isn’t until they arrive that they are forced to face their past and travel across the world to find answers.

A story written with poise, extravagance and talent, definitely my book of 2012!

About the Author

I'm the New York Times bestselling author of Love Walked In, Belong to Me, and Falling Together. I've also published a poetry collection called From the Bones Out.

I was born in Baltimore; grew up in Virginia; went to school for a very long time (UVA, Sarah Lawrence, and The University of Houston); studied poetry; published poetry; got married to David Teague (children's book author and all-around good egg); had two kids, Charles and Annabel (funny, smart, full of opinions); moved from Philly to Wilmington, Delaware; and began writing novels.  (from Haper Collins website)


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I love books about close friendships. I definitely want to know the big secret.

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