Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eleven by Mark Watson

About the Book

Xavier Ireland is a radio DJ who by night listens to the hopes, fears and regrets of sleepless Londoners and by day keeps himself very much to himself - until he is brought into the light by a one-of-a-kind cleaning lady and forced to confront his own biggest regret. This is a tale of love, loss, Scrabble and six degrees of separation, asking big questions about life and death, strangers and friends, heartache and comfort, and whether the choices we don't make affect us just as powerfully as those we do.

Published by Simon & Schuster




 I am cured!  Months of searching for a book that would excite me and rock me to the core so that my book slump would disappear with the turn of a page.  Well this has done it!  I have said once before that We don’t find books, books find us” and it is true. 

This highly unexpected novel yanked me from my rather depressing reverie and had me hooked to each page.

Xavier, once Chris Cotswold, is a radio DJ by night and loner by day; his show – Late Lines – deals with the sadness, hopes and insomnia of its listeners; a sort of Oprah Show if you like.  Xavier moved from Australia, changed his name – running from what seems like a haunted past.   It seems Xavier is a lost cause, failing to help a young man from being bullied which ultimately results in a series of events for an array of strangers.  It seems all very movie-like until you begin to wonder what situation you avoided and how that action impacted people around you? 

It isn’t until Xavier meets a cleaner doe he begin to finally deal with one incident in particular that forced him to move halfway across the globe and change his name. 
The plot isn’t what would sell this book, it’s the characters.  I fell in love with each and every one of them, from his neighbours to the Indian man who owns the shop down the road.  Watson has a way of portraying the realisms of people with a hint of oddity.  What an amazing read!
One Moment.  Eleven Lives. Endless Consequences.
- Review by Kelly Ansara
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About the Author

Mark Watson is a comedian, author, sports pundit and husband. He was born in 1980 and according to life expectancy for his socio-economic group and Body Mass Index, will die in 2056.

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Jade Wright said...

Thank you so much for this review!

As you say, this book found me yesterday while rummaging the shelves of a local bookstore.

From the cover it wasn't something I'd normally give a second glance... and from the back, although it sounded alright I wouldn't have opted for it usually... but on the front it said, 'If you enjoyed One Day by David Nicholls then this book is for you!'
One Day is my favorite novel to date.... so I had to get it.

I picked it up by fluke and will be reading it on my plane ride across to Europe! Cannot wait.

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