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Dark Poppy’s Demise by S.A Partridge

About the Book
All Jenna wants is for someone to notice her, but all everybody sees is a gawky teenager with an overactive imagination. But she leads a double life. As Dark Poppy, she can be herself. Her online friends see her for who she truly is: a sensitive, creative young woman with a talent for photography. When she receives a friend request from Robert Rose on Facebook, she doesn’t hesitate to start up a friendship.

But then, why shouldn’t she? He’s the hottest guy she’s ever seen; with emerald green eyes that seem to stare right through the computer screen . . .

Dark Poppy’s Demise is S.A. Partridge’s third novel for young people.


The quickest of reads I have had all year! What a fabulous one to start off my YA binge.
Prowling the twitter sphere I found, or more like tw-eavesdropped (that’s Twitter eavesdropped) on two very awesome tweeters and bloggers (S.A Partridge & Tammy February talking about this book. I couldn’t help myself I just went “I Want it now!!” and the rest was history.

As I said before –this book is a quick one, less than 200pgs; with a writing talent behind it that makes me proud to be South African. Sally Partridge named of the Mail & Guardian’s top 200 Young South Africans, splays a rather scary idea before you, especially if you are a social media addict like myself. Dark Poppy’s Demise has a seemingly simple plot that is brought to life with an ease of description and rather loveable characters.

I kept thinking, “I was Jenna in high-school? I still am Jenna!” Well I “was” Jenna in a world where facebook didn’t exist but Mxit did – and though I never added people I didn’t know I always found the ease of online communication far more fun (I was the shy girl). So, hello, Kelly meet Jenna.

Jenna is a young angsty teenager who hates the world and according to her it hates her too. It seems Jenna can only function with Facebook and IM (That’s instant messaging for you oldies out there). It seems, to her, that her only friends are those with kooky online names and great advice; that is until she meets Robert. He is perfect or so she thinks! A tumble here and a cliffhanger there Sally Partridge has me gripped from page one.

Now as you all know that I am not Young Adult genre’s biggest fan, but lately there is some awesome YA reads and I fear I maybe eating my words sooner than I thought (Ok stop applauding you YA lovers – hehe). I really did enjoy this read. You have a striking cover; a rather intensely set plot, a local setting and a fabulous author to sew it all together!

- Review by Kelly Ansara

About S.A Partridge

S.A Partridge lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is the author of the award-winning book, The Goblet Club – a novel about a young man’s frightening experience in the world’s worst boarding school. The novel won the SABC/You Magazine I am a writer Competition in 2007, as well as the MER Prize for Best Youth Novel at the Mnet Via Afrika Awards in 2008. The novel was adapted into a school play entitled G.I.F.

Her second novel, Fuse, deals with the sensitive subjects of school killings, bullying and runaways, and is set on the streets of Cape Town and Pretoria. It was published in 2009 by Human and Rousseau and was shortlisted for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for youth literature in 2010.

Sally’s short story, Triolet, Mauritius. One am, appears in the Home Away anthology by Zebra Press published in 2010. The anthology was selected for the Exclusive Books Homebru List in 2010.

The trials and tribulations of the average teenager are subjects very close to her heart and precisely what got her putting pen to paper in the first place. Sally likes to think that she writes about young people and not for them, despite gaining a steady following of teenage readers. Besides, writing about young people also ensures there is always something to write about.

As a journalist Sally has contributed to numerous publications including The Callsheet, The Event, Itch, PopMatters, Dazed and Confused and Music Review. She is the editor of The Event Newspaper.

She has also edited two novels in the Emily series for author Karen Michelle Brooks.
She was named one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans for 2011.

Bio taken from S.A Partridges blog here

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Unknown said...

Love this review - I think I should meet Poppy . . . sounds like a great book.

Shelagh said...

Glad you liked it Kelly! Sally has an amazing talent and while I didn't always like Jenna she did win me over by the end (my review of the book).

Believe it or not I am a relatively new convert to YA books (from earlier this year) - but I have found some amazing authors and books in the genre that just aren't available in the "adult" equivalents. Let us know how the YA conversion goes!

The Word Fiend

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