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Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011

During this week the book blogging world acknowledges the wonderful community we have online. We do this by handing out awards , and by following daily blogging prompts. While overseas blogs take part in discussions, I wanted to showcase the Top 5 books of LOCAL (Yes, you read correctly, Local!) South African book bloggers!

Chriz lives in sunny South Africa, a beading & book blogger and coffee enthusiast!

You can follow her here on twitter or visit her blog here

I credit Stephenie Meyer with re-igniting my love of reading. For a few years before I read Twilight, I was lost. I used to LOVE reading and devoured books daily. Then I met my husband and life just kind of interfered. Suddenly I wasn't reading anymore . . . at all. On my birthday, I decided I needed a "from-me-to-me" gift. Browsing around the bookstore, I saw the beautiful cover of Twilight and drove head-first into the YA genre. Read the four books in four days and the rest is history :)
My top 5 reads are all books in my AT (After Twilight) life. I read almost all genres, so here are my eclectic list, in no particular order.

Feed by Mira Grant

Loved this book. I started it as an audio book on my long commute to work but then my iPod decided he hated me and I had to find a print copy. I enjoy dystopian (and zombie) books and this thriller was an interesting take on this theme. And off course, no-one saw that ending coming. The sequel was released this year and it is definitely on my TBR list.

A Honeybun and Coffee by Sam Cheever

This was the first book I read by Sam Cheever. I can't remember how I got to know about it but it was the first eBook I bought. eReaders were still new to me then and I couldn't wait to read it on my kindle :) After the first few chapters I was hooked and I read it in record time. It was such a fun and sizzling thriller that Sam Cheever is now one of my favorite authors.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

I always loved horrors by Dean Koontz but in the last few years my taste in books changed and I was having trouble finishing books written by him. Then my husband bought Odd Thomas and what a book it turned out to be! I think it must be one of the best books he has ever written. And what a surprise ending . . . I re-read the last few chapters immediately to see if I could find any clues for the ending to come . . .

Lover Awakend by JR Ward

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an amazing fantasy series and all the books take you away from the real world immediately. I loved them all but I do have a weak spot for a tortured hero and Zsadist is one of the most tortured souls in the series. Luckily we can always count on Ms Ward to give us a happy ending :)

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

This is one of the two books that had me wiping away tears as I was reading it. What a beautiful book! The emotions just jump off the pages. It is a cross between science fiction, dystopian novel and romance. Very difficult to classify but well worth the read. I cannot wait for the second in the series that will be published in 2012.

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So tweet me (or Chriz) you top 5 books - don't forget the hash-tag #BBAW2011


Chrizette said...

Thank you for featuring me! :) I hope we are going to see your top 5 too?

Shelagh said...

I am really enjoying this series of posts for BBAW 2011!

Feed is smiling at me from the teetering tower that is my TBR pile. I remeber reading Chrizette's review on it just after I got it.

I haven't read Lover Awakened (yet), but I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Zsadist is an alluring character with his tortured past and I'm glad to hear that Ward gave him a happy ending!

Lovely selection of books!

The Word Fiend

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