Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest Post Friday Follow

So because it's Friday (Or Wine day as Tarryn says) and we wanted to showcase some amazing South African Book Bloggers we love to stalk...

You can take part in the blog hop at Crazy for Books & Parajunkee's Friday Follow.  Happy Friday!
We posed a question to South African Book Bloggers occupying the blogosphere and not only are the guest posts AMAZING but we have met some pretty awesome local book bloggers, so with out further adeiu we present Lu, from A Muggle's Magical Book Blog; her bio reads:
I am a student doing my honours in Archaeology. I love to read and blog! I also have a Archaeology blog. I am still secretly waiting for my Hogwarts letter, I know its going to be here any day now!
A blog for all things Muggles, Books, and Potter - A Muggle's Magical Book Blog is vibrant and bookish blog to have on your blog roll!

Lu's Question was:
I joined a Bookclub...

When I got onto goodreads I saw a need for a South African themed book club that would bring fellow South African's together. There was Malaysian, Philippines, tons of countries, but no South African group. So I decided to start one. (Join the South African Book Lovers Book Club here)

At first I tracked down some South Africans on the site and invited them to join the group and before long we had 50, 100, 150 and I no longer had to invite members, as they joined because they saw their friends in it. Today we have 368 members and climbing.

Through this endeavor I have met some amazing people, some I count as my best friends today. We are all over the country but some of us make an effort to meet or even visit each other when we are in the vicinity. The fact that it is online makes it so much more accessible to everyone. You can log on when you have time, and talk about anything and everything, not just books.

What is quite fun is that we all have such different tastes, we have the hard core sci-fi addicts, the fantasy lovers and the guys who read anything and everything, and as you can imagine this leads to numerous discussions!

We have a nomination and poll system which allows us to go beyond our comfort zone when reading the Book of the Month. I myself would never have read my favorites books today if it wasn't for the bookclub.

Since the start of the bookclub I find myself reading much more than I ever thought I would and even getting a little competitive with reading challenges the bookclub offers.

But I must say the best thing about a bookclub is the sense of family. Most of us know each other, we all give advise and share our lives with each other. We also wish each other Happy Birthdays and some of us even send Christmas gifts. Just for an example of our "family": one of our fellow book club members recently moved abroad and we came together and made her a basket of books, travel guides, even some wine. Even one of our members in the Netherlands pitched in.

I think it is safe to say that without this book club my life would be so different and I can't imagine a better way to spend my time!

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Shelagh said...

Another great guest post from a lovely lady! I'm still exploring the Goodreads SA book club, but the people I've met so far are lots of fun and interesting to chat to.

Have a lovely weekend ladies!

The Word Fiend

Niina said...

Stopping by, have a great weekend! :)

New follower. :)
My Friday @ For The Love of Reading!

Lu said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity!
You guys are awesome :D

Fran said...

Love your blog!! Great post!! New follower:D

My Post

Holly Schindler said...

Author and new follower from Follow Friday!

violininavoid said...

Lovely post Lu! I love our bookclub, it gives me warm, fuzzy feelings, not to mention wine and a basket full of books :D

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