Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Friday... We love you! Blog hop (9)

I woke up this morning, hair sticking up in every which way and a limp; I envy Tarryn Beth!  The jet-setter is packing her traveler bag and heading to the coast - FOR A WEEK - while I bash my head repeatedly on my work desk.  So you are stuck with me today!  
So sit back, sip your coffee and relish in the freedom of sitting on the precipice of the weekend!

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Q: Talk about the book that most changed or influenced your life?

Tarryn:  One of the MANY books that changed my life was Wind in the Willows.  The copy that I own is rather large and I distinctly remember being afraid to ever fall asleep while reading it in case it suffocated me. But that is not why it influenced my life (or maybe that explains my complete phobia to never fall asleep with a book in hand). As do most of the books you read as a child, there are such happy memories attached to the thoughts of this book. It also taught me a lot about life in general, including the love from parent to child and a friendship that can never be broken, no matter how severed the ties. And, of course, let us not forget the imagination of a child when a Water Rat, a Badger and a car-racing Frog are the lead characters.
 "All along the backwater,
Through the rushes tall,
Ducks are a-dabbling,
Up tails all!"

- Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows, Ch. 2

Kelly: Matilda by Roald Dahl.  The book that taught me to use my imagination, that adjectives can make you squirm and that books matter. I am Matilda!  Matilda is my past and my future as I stalk bookshops and hang around libraries. Dahl’s intricate manner of describing things so disgustingly and Eek-worthy leaves me cringing, even today.  Matilda, a book lover, tells us all that no matter the hardships you face books will always be your savior.

Our Picks

Q: What is the one ARC you would love to get your hands on right now?

Tarryn: The most anticipated ARC that I look forward to is the next horror by S.L. Grey. I am sure there is one in the works, though what year and title is yet unknown to me. I could not put down the latest one, The Mall, and wait with bated breath to have the next copy in my hands and promise of a sleepless night ahead of me.

Kelly: I am waiting (and by waiting I mean tapping my foot, pulling out my hair and stalking this poor author) for Sophie Hannah's Kind of Cruel.  A lovable author (both in her writing and personality), Tarryn and I had the privilege to meet and interview, that has me stalking bookshelves for her new one.  I know it is due in Feb 2012 but a girl can dream that it will come earlier!

So go on... Tell us your answers!

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Sophie Gonzales said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now following you. :-))

You're gonna shoot me, but I still haven't read Matilda or The Wind In The Willows! They're definitely on my to-read list, though.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oohhh I LOVE Matilda!

Happy Blog Hop!

Darkfallen said...

Have a great weekend! And I really need to look into these books...
Hop on our hop Here! And while your there don't miss your chance to win a signed copy of Unlovable HERE!

Lan said...

Both great books and choices. Thanks for hopping by. Happy Friday!

Kathy said...

Happy Friday! I loved The Wind in the Willows when I was younger as well.

Christin said...

Old follower stopping by :) I loved both Matilda and The Wind in the Willows as a child. Great stories!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Hahahaha get suffocated by a book? That's really funny. Great choices!!! I love Roald Dahl :)

Here's my FF!

Howard Sherman said...

post all of the following including the signature to each and every blog at
the Book Blogger hop:

As with just about everything else, most people will be startled to learn which
ARC I’m looking forward to the most.

Shocked, possibly.

So what’s the next ARC I’m looking forward to the most? The one I can’t stop thinking about?
The one that gives me sweaty palms?

Hop on over to my blog now and find out –

Howard Sherman, Implementor

Cassandra said...

Matilda is a favorite of mine too. Wind in the Willow I'll have to check out.
-New blog follower

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension(

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

I read both The Wind in the Willows and Matilda growing up, and loved them! :)

Thanks for hopping by!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Yay Matilda. One of my fav books as a child.
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Darcus said...

Hi guys, my name is Darcus and I run a book blog called Starcrossed. I just wanted to let you know that I presented you with an award over on the site. You can check it out at:

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