Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Reggie’s Rush, only with Books!

The Tables
The Invite
It was a late Saturday evening, and I was sprawled across the couch ensconced in flannel PJs and drool.  My phone beeped with the new age communication method: Facebook.  A message. I shrugged and yelped as my arm was forced from its “dead” pose and clicked on the Facebook message from Rene Brophy from Exclusive Books

Hey Kelly, I hope to see our favourite bloggers at the
Exclusive Books Preview of the
Winter Sale this Monday.

I read it and screamed!  And when I was done with the screaming, I contacted Tarryn who also screamed, fainted and dropped the phone.

The Venue

The Day

Firstly, I need to point out that Tarryn & I are very new to being the “media” at book events.  So we arrived at the preview, wallets filled to brim, ready to cart home copious amounts of books.  The venue was Ciros on 7th Avenue in Parkhurst, Tarryn and I wonder down the secret-garden-esque pathway, the winter sun seeping slowly through the leaves into what is known as “The Pudding Shop”.  We are greeted with tables upon tables of roughly packed books to browse through.  A wonderland on its own!  

Tarryn and her Books!

The Books – Oh the Books!
We first did a run through, sipping our drinks slowly and wading through the gems piled on the tables.  Finding classics to bestsellers – we were wide-eyed and scrounging each and every table.  Tarryn said breathlessly “This is like the Reggies Rush” and she was right.

Kelly says: "YES!"

“There is no Cash register, Kelly!” - Tarryn

Our arms full and wallets about to be handed over to the woman manning the scanner; Tarryn stops dead in her tracks and says in a husky whisper “Where do we pay?”, I reply in a confident tone – as if I do this all the time – “Uhm, it might be inside”.  There was no till.  Yes readers, stop screaming and plotting our deaths – we got each and every book for free!  FOR FREE!!  I didn’t believe it at first, my judgment clouded by hysteria and Tarryn hugging her packet like it was a missing child.  It was free! Free like bookmarks at bookshop counters and pamphlets! FREE.


“Free books are like a free dinner, only better” – Tarryn
On the way back to the office, Tarryn and I were glowing like new mothers.  We neatly packed our treasures into Tarryn’s boot and set off.  Tarryn squealed and did what I can only assume was a happy dance (a mix of dance meets chant).  We stop at a robot; Tarryn says “Free books are like a free dinner, only better and with more pages”.  It must have been my euphoria but at that moment because I could have jumped out the car and run through the traffic as naked as the day I was born, Tarryn sounded as if she had just discovered the cure to cancer; pure genius!

We love our new books! - Thank you Exclusive Books

So don’t forget to stop by your nearest Exclusive Books store and take in the magic of cheap books.


KJ Mulder said...

It's times like these that I despise living in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Exclusive books is 400+ km away. *sobs*

Bookish Brunette said...

AWESOMENESS!!! Way jealous!

Anja Kasap said...

Oh my, I would have had to go get a wheelbarrow or a shopping cart or something and totally embarrass myself loading it up with books - what a fantastic experience!

Elizabeth said...

Found you on the blog hop...what a busy blog you have.


I have a giveaway for NIGHT TRAIN on my blog.



Steph from said...

Hi New Follower from the hop.This looks as if it was an awesome sale!!!

I learned today that my blog's access was restricted earlier so if u came by before it is OPEN again. I have auth. guest today w/ my revu tomorrow, USA contest all wknd for Dani Harper's Changeling Dream.

<a href="”)> Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust</a>

Beth said...

OMG That is like the coolest thing! WOw. I envy you.

I'm your newest follower.

Pedantic Phooka said...

Fun pics!

Stopping by via Crazy-For-Book's Blog Hop. I'm following your blog.

I'm having a giveaway on my blog this weekend so please stop by!

Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

Wow you ladies got SO lucky! That's truly truly awesome. : )

I'm a brand new follower from Parajunkee's FF. Please consider checking out my blog. : )


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

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