Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It’s a Book Thing’s Day

There is a day in everyone’s life that stands out; a time when the marching band barges through your living room sending papers flying and a crowd “whooping” and cheering.

This was It’s a Book Thing’s Day! If it were an actor it would have its own star on the Blogger-Wood walk of fame!

Tammy February is a blogger, tweeter & fellow book-lover, that we stalked on twitter and ‘ooh-ed’ & ‘aah-ed’ at her book blog. When Tammy approached us to do an interview for her blog (The Book Fairy's Haven), we yelled, chest-bumped, skipped and hollered to the heavens in praise! We pulled a Sally Fields and gushed “She likes us, She really likes us”. Hopping on one foot we clambered to respond (shoving each other to get to the keyboard) a huge, bolded font: YES!

The questions had us thinking about what we really love and hate about publishing, what our favourite books are and what trends are running wild in the publishing arena. Tammy has outdone herself with this post and no, it isn’t because it is us that is featured (okay, maybe a little).

So without further adieu, check out Tammy’s blog post here.
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It’s a Book Thing is Famous...


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