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Cooked out the Frying Pan by Justin Bonello

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Justin visits 13 professional kitchens – all beacons on the South African culinary landscape – and gets to cook with some of the most celebrated chefs in the country.

In spite of a baptism of flour, after three seasons of Cooked in Africa he’s up for the challenge and finds these culinarians warm and willing to share their secrets. Along the way he manages to lift the lid on a smorgasbord of tips and take aways that surround fine dining.

Follow the adventures of this self-confessed bush cook as he makes this giant leap and smarts up to the value of salsa verde and a good mirepoix. He’ll guide you through the intricacies of deboning a pig and quartering a rabbit and let you in on how the experts prepare dishes like potato gnocchi and dim sum dumplings.
It was a Tuesday. The 16th of November 2010 to be exact when this book plopped on my desk at work in a brown, board box – it was a squished in the middle from a long trek from Cape Town; but nonetheless the box was here. It was Justin Bonello’s new book “Cooked out of the Frying Pan”. I did a hop, skip, jump and squeal with a bonus speedy hand clap.

When I say I am huge fan, that would be an understatement; groupie is more the word. I warn you now that this review is most likely the most biased you will ever read. I love the shows (Cooked, Getaway to Africa) and loved the first book, Cooked in Africa. I lay the book open on my desk and paged through it, the pages felt as if they were made by an Ndebele Tribe in the deepest parts of Africa – they are hard to the touch, crunchy and textured as if handmade. The cover; a mesh like material cover on a wood like backing and the most appealing picture of Justin himself, looking as if he had a fight with a bag of flour.

This book is different from his first one Cooked in Africa. This one Justin heads to some of South Africa’s best restaurants and fairs against some of SA’s cooking heavy weights and in this tome he shares it with us; mistakes and triumphs – Feast your eyes and keep your cooking pots at the ready because this book will make chefs out of the most useless of cooks. There is something for everyone, the sweet tooth, the roast lover, the food couture aficionado, a bush cook, a restaurateur, or even moms in down to earth kitchens. This book sets 12 of SA’s finest against the one and only bush cook – you can’t miss out on this PROUDLY SA book.

A book for cooking, loving and paging!

Myself (Kelly), Justin Bonello & Fuzz

About Justin Bonello:

Local culinary genius, Justin Bonello is the owner of Cooked in Africa Films and host of Cooked – the popular cooking adventure show, broadcast by BBC Food. His travel series, Getaway to Africa has been showing on M-Net channel 101.

Based on the popular TV series on BBC Food, Cooked, is a unique compilation of places, spaces and flavours and combines chef Justin Bonello’s three favourite things – Southern Africa, food and friends. Bonello is passionate about ensuring that Africa’s diverse food cultures are recorded and celebrated so that future generations will be able to savour the culinary pleasures we enjoy today.

On October 1st 2009 Penguin published Justin Bonello's first book Cooked In Africa.

Justin's second book Cooked Weekends Away was published in September 2010.
For more information on Justin Bonello and his Cooked adventures click on the following link http://www.cookedinafrica.co.za/

- Review by Kelly Ansara
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Katie said...

I've never even heard of this guy! However, I am a HUGE fan of cooking shows and cooking blogs (love, love, love The Pioneer Woman!). I can definitely relate to the feeling of pouring over a cookbook with just as much excitement as a new novel :)

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