Friday, March 4, 2011


The words BOOK and SALE in the same sentence send us into fits of palpitations and tween-ish giggles.  We were there like the proverbial “Fred Bear”, car boots empty, wallets full and ready to wade through mountains of books at Exclusive Books’ Warehouse Sale.  A drive that took us exactly halfway between each other and prices that would make bargain hoppers hop on one foot with a gleeful squeal and clap.
The crowd

Why we held hands so we would not lose each other

We ventured in ready to grab collars, snatch books and fight for titles that were truly ours!  What we didn’t bank on was that:
  1. Kelly would be late and Tarryn would be early
  2. That another 4000 other book lovers wanted cheap books and a day out.

Kelly arrived to find Tarryn's arm filled to the brim and no air-conditioning present in the vast space of the warehouse.  R50 per kilo! Madness! Tarryn had a wild look about her, charging through the masses and snatching "gems" from the metal shelves.  "I want it to be quiet, there are books behind books" she gasped, in a crazy 'fight for survival' kind of way.  Kelly on the other hand, took a step back as it to charge the bullfighter with the red cape.

If you tilt your head to the side and squint, you can just make out that Tarryn is behind those packets

Tarryn's boot still looks empty
 Rearing to go, we charged through the warehouse picking up some real, godforsaken cheap deals, full hands and empty wallets.

Kelly lies! It's Tarryn's bag

One packet Kelly? Holding back this year?

Total spending for Tarryn: R280-00

Tarryn's buy
Total spending for Kelly: R169-00

Kelly's buy
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