Monday, February 21, 2011

Mice by Gordon Reece

We picked this title as a Waiting on Wednesday, and we finally got our grubby book loving hands on it!

A gripping, unique suspense thriller with a chilling twist . . .

I found this sample on my desk and rather intrigued by Stuart Dwyer's, International Sales Manager for Pan Macmillan UK, Trade Presentation of this book months ago; I jumped at the idea to read it. I am an avid reader and prefer to read and enjoy rather than to read to finish. I am rarely found to read a book in one sitting. This is the exception. In one fowl swoop this book was devoured, gasped at and stared at wide-eyed at the scene unfolding before me.

16 year-old Shelley is a victim of horrendous bullying at school and one particular heinous act nearly claims her life. Sheltered and shy, Shelley is a bystander to her parents’ divorce and particularly her own life, constantly hiding she is placed into home schooling. Mice are what she calls her and her mother – shy, trodden on people of this world. They have a club, or so Shelley likes to think. Shelley and her mother move to a secluded cottage in the country where no “cats” can harm these two mice, until one night Shelley hears the fourth stair on the staircase creak. Someone is in the house...

This is where the novel begins to take shape. One terrifying act turn Shelley & her mother's life upside down (Now don’t think I am going to tell you what happened – for those who haven’t read it). I haven’t read a book like this ever. I was harrowed to the core that I even took to shutting the windows in the house, shutting my bedroom door, setting a trap that would wake me if crossed and clutched to a pair of sewing scissors under my pillow – you never know!

Gordon Reece sets the scene so well you literally watch it unfold in gruesome images and flowing words! I sat on the edge of my bed, couch and deck chair gnawing at my already chewed nails! I paced from one end of the room to the other gasping and shaking my head in disbelief.

This is truly a wonderful and rollercoaster of a read.... I suggest you demand copies; throw a tantrum for a copy to read or if you have to (ironically) kill for one, it is that good!!!

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- Review by Kelly Ansara
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