Friday, February 18, 2011

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Bad Blood by Amanda Coetzee FREE eBook Download

Bad Blood Cover
This giveaway will run until the 8th of March 2011

About the Book:

Bad Blood is one of the best crime thrillers that I have ever read. Considering how most of my teenage years were filled with thrillers of every kind, this is saying a lot.

Amanda Coetzee was first discovered in 2009 through the Citizen Book Prize. Though she did not win, she was recognised for her greatness and asked to write her book.

Bad Blood takes the reader on an exciting journey through Bedford England, introducing you to Gypsy Travellers and the characters inside. It is full of suspense but also has value on several contemporary levels, and thus will have broad appeal across a substantial cross-section of avid readers. There is the all-too frequently noted abandonment and neglect of children in society, as well as the reference to baggage that humans carry with them into adulthood and the subsequent need to deal with said demons. In addition, we have realism, combined with incisive and adroit tension sustained throughout, styled to keep our eyes glued to the text and our adrenalin levels sky-high – a literary cocktail to titillate. Another book I urge all to read. But a word of advice-don’t pick up the book just before you are due to go out. Guaranteed you will be more than a little fashionably late for the event, the book having pulled you into its world until the last word.

- Review by Tarryn Talbot

About the Author:
When she isn’t writing crime thrillers, AMANDA COETZEE works as a deputy headmistress. She grew up in Bedford, England, and now lives in Rustenburg with her husband and son.

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Anglers Rest said...

Stopping by via the blog hop. Thanks for the details of this book; am just off to download it!

Paranormal Opinion said...

Just hoppin' through - I am now a follower :)

Thanks for the book link!

rattyj said...

where can i buy this book???????

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