Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Book Thing is MIA

Dear Followers & devout book readers,

I hope this blog post finds you well and eagerly celebrating the Christmas cheer with a flurry of bestsellers and old favourites?

Tarryn and I would like to apologise for falling off the face of the earth.  We took a step and whoops! off we fell, thus making us rethink and redo everything we have learnt about the earth being round.  Admittedly, Tarryn & I have discovered the trials and tribulations of Christmas and Publishing.  I hope we don’t disappoint with the posts, reviews, photos & ideas we have for this blog.  We have been attending book launches, meeting authors, planning author tours, working full time, reading, pretending to stay awake at our desks, drinking copious amounts of coffee and living on Woolworths Salads, and Sour Worms – All for the benefit of the blog.

So out of the publishing trenches we come, alive with new and improved photos, reviews and some great events.  We hope to enlighten, excite, and make you laugh...

Kelly & Tarryn


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