Sunday, December 26, 2010

"I will add two more to the 'Top Ten' " - Tarryn Talbot



Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (part one)


Distant Hours by Kate Morton
White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. Before everyone starts screaming and crashes our comment block; yes, I know this was not published in 2010. But something that makes me want to carry on reading throughout the night, even with a presentation the next day has to be good, right?


My favourite meal of 2010 was the sesame tuna at the V&A Waterfront with not only my favourite ladies but also excellent local authors: Lawrence Anthony, Emma Chen and Chris van Wyk. We had such fun that night with plenty of laughs and creative ideas for “next books” and left the restaurant in giggles after a long, event-filled weekend at Cape Town Book Fair.

Present of 2010

Has to be not only the best Christmas gift of 2010 but probably the best one I have received in my lifetime thus far: a limited edition of The Secret Garden, given to me by Kelly Ansara. It’s beautiful. The cover and the text and images inside bring back all my childhood memories of insisting my mother read it to me every night.

Book memory of 2010

Starting up this blog! I have had so much fun creating this with Kelly. It’s wonderful to be afforded an opportunity to put your passions and creativity in one and to just go ahead with it. The photo “shoots” are by far one of the best book memories that I have, trying to keep a straight face while Kelly is in the room is no easy feat!

Reading Rebecca. Everyone knows how much I love this book. And yes, it is a great book in itself. But sometimes, it is the memories that surround the book that make it more poignant for a person. I started reading this book when I was in a rather complicated relationship. Four chapters in, I stopped. After the relationship ended, I started the book again. Just like the story of Rebecca, my life was full of tumultuous relationships, learning to find my feet in a new environment and burning something to the ground so that something new could begin (don’t take that too literally. I am not an arsonist). Thankfully, it was minus the malicious house-keeper.

Memory of 2010

No one but Kelly and Fuzz will really understand this: “She gonna go and fetch Flo-Flo!”

Receiving the promotion at Pan Macmillan. Still searching for the four-leaf clover that someone has obviously sneaked into my life.

The Supplier’s party. Not because of the party itself but because of the events afterwards and the laughs it affords amongst us girls now.

Favourite memory of 2010

Driving with Fuzz and Kelly, bottles of wine and plenty of junk food in tow with soccer songs at full volume as we were stuck in 2010 World Cup traffic. Everyone was hooting and-above all else-friendly to everyone. Beat the Christmas spirit!


TheBookGirl said...

Love this post :)
The Distant Hours has been sitting around here for a while now and for some reason, I think the length, I haven't picked it up -- but I loved The House at Riverton, so I intend to get to it soon.
Enjoy your New Year!

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