Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson

I was first introduced to Dorothy Koomson in the heart breaking Goodnight Beautiful-a novel that sent me from reading it like any other drama-chicklit to becoming engrossed and tearful by each page.  I am an avid Marian Keyes fan and was struck that my fellow Marian fans had suggested this book as a quick-fix until her next one.  I am now a huge fan of Dorothy Koomson and-granted this isn’t her newest novel-I still felt I needed to review it as it was her debut novel published in 2003.
Ceri D'Altroy has given up her life working for a top magazine in London to move to Liverpool to lecture Psychology at a university there: all this because of Oprah.  Cheri has a gift or curse (you can decide for yourself). People are drawn to her to express and rant about their lives.  Within days of Ceri’s ‘new life’ she has outed the secret relationship of two of her colleagues, managed to convince her flatmate to confront the girl of his dreams (who is clearly out of his league) and her boss has a secret that she wants to tell Ceri.  Being a modern day Cupid leaves Ceri out in the dust when it comes to her own love life and so she finds herself mixed up in love triangles, secrets and she may even have a stalker?
A real beach book... though it is no Jane Austen, it is a cosy funny read ready to be bought.

 - Review by Kelly Ansara


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