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Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela Early Morning Launch - 12 October 2010

‘These archives contain traces of my life and those who have lived it with me. It is a treasure house, one that is full of surprises, crossing paths, dead ends, painful reminders and unanswered questions’ – Nelson Mandela
Invitation to the Early Morning Launch

Tarryn: I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that I (Well, Kelly and I and most probably the rest of South Africa) had been invited to an event that Nelson Mandela-in his own way-had played a part in.  I know that most of us (before this book) thought “not another Nelson Mandela book”.  But that’s just it: this isn’t “another Nelson Mandela book”. It’s personal from his own words.  Also, what I find very appealing in any book, are the little notes, letters and diary entries that spring out at you when you turn the page.  This book is full of it, including little annotations he made on calendars throughout the years and letters to his daughters (that never reached them). 

Counter Display

Counter Display

Anyway, back to the launch.  So there Kelly and I stood, bright-eyed and eager to purchase our copies.  Early-morning opening was no joke. Waking up at sparrow-fart meant I was looking as forward to the free latte as I was the purchase of the book.  Once the doors opened, it was a bit like a 50%-off couture sale.  One woman did a little jig, threw her arms into the air and grabbed a book, running to the counter: all done in less than a minute. This really got the mood going for the rest of the morning, in the traditional Zulu-dance spirit (even if it was just in our heads).  Plenty of media meant that I got interviewed by one of the more popular news stations (nervous much?).
After we bought our books, and posed like regular celebs for media, we grabbed our coffees, huddled around the tables with other CWM (Conversations with Myself – As Kelly and myself, now owners of this book, so loosely refer to it) customers and swopped notes on what-we think-will be our favourite parts of the book, guarding our individual purchases like hounds.
Laura Hammond, Nina Gabriels & Tarryn Talbot - Showing off their purchases

It was a great way to start the day; book and coffee in hand. In fact, I’m considering making it a daily ritual.  It’s simply convincing my regular book hang-out to open early that may be a bit of a problem.
Get it. You’ll love it. Your Family will love it. Your coffee table will love it. Your family tree 100 years down will love it.
Nicola Almond, Justine Lloyd-Jones, Graham Isaacs & Belinda Weyer - Pan Macmillan & Macmillan Staff

Kelly: Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to attend the early morning release of this highly anticipated book?  It was that, that attracted Tarryn and I to this exciting occasion.  Decked in our best (because the Invite said “Don’t forget your Camera’s” and as you well know Tarryn and I jump at the chance of a new photo op) we battled through the traffic ridden streets of Johannesburg to be there to pick up our very own copy of this iconic book – because it’s a book we just had to have on our bookshelves for years to come.

Window Display - Exclusive Books Hyde Park

Free coffee with every copy bought, what could be better.  Media arrived in their droves snapping pictures and interviewing enthusiastic consumers baying to get their hands on this book.  So naturally Tarryn and I snapped away and here are the pics.  I really hope you all can get your book – loving hands on this book it truly is something to own, read and to live by.
Conversations with Myself and a FREE Coffee

Kelly & Tarryn
It's a Book Thing Team


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